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For over 25 years, Food Dance has been committed to building a thriving and sustainable local food system.

We support artisans who practice craft food processes that have been around for generations—growing, raising, preserving, curing, aging, pickling, butchering and more.

For us, it’s about the connection with the people and places our food comes from.

Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner–guests are served the freshest menu items in a casual and welcoming atmosphere with knowledgeable service for people to come together and connect through the experience of food.

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Meet the Staff

Julie Stanley

Executive Chef/Owner/Founder

Head Chef

Head Chef

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Margaret Oakes

Marketing & Communication // FD Market Specialist

Kati Johnson

Party Planner Extraordinaire (catering / private party director)

Sheila Lively

Not-so-secret Admin Agent Woman

Kim Merkel

THE People Person

Kim Merkel

THE People Person